Last month, at the invitation of the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre, a delegation of Hope & Cope staff and volunteers headed out to Ottawa where we were pleased to participate in a special lobby day to drive home the importance of cancer wellness. Other partners in this initiative included Venturing Out Beyond Our Cancer (VOBOC), AnandaOm and the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. We met with more than 25 members of parliament and senators who agreed to share our message with their constituents on June 26th, designated by Health Canada as National Cancer Wellness Awareness Day.

Research has established that wellness is an essential component of comprehensive cancer care. By addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs throughout the cancer experience, wellness programs improve quality of life and in some cases, can help prevent recurrence.

Much has happened since the lobby day:

  • The city of Kirkland proclaimed June 26th National Cancer Wellness Awareness Day
  • Monsef Derraji, Deputy for Nelligan, made a statement at the National Assembly about the first edition of National Cancer Wellness Awareness Day.
  • Senator Diane Griffin made a statement at the opening of the Senate meeting on the importance of cancer wellness.
  • Member of Parliament for Lac-Saint-Louis, Francis Scarpaleggia, read a statement in the House of Commons regarding the first National Cancer Wellness Awareness Day.

On June 26, please show your support and help us start the conversation about including wellness as part of a holistic approach to cancer treatment from coast to coast! Visit our Facebook page for a special message that you can share widely with your family and friends.